Introducing tfBILL, Adapt3r's Short-Term US Treasury Fund

ADAPT I LP ("tfBILL") provides non-U.S. investors access to short-term U.S. Treasury Bill yields, bringing institutional-grade low-risk yield to the global on-chain economy.

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Our Exceptional Partners

Bringing Institutional-Grade Finance On-Chain.

Adapt3r is building the next generation of compliant, blockchain-based financial products.

Simple On-Chain Access
On-Demand Liquidity
Fully Compliant and Regulated
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Adapt3r Short-Term U.S. Treasury Bill Fund, Available on the Archblock Marketplace

On-Chain Access to US Treasury Bill Yield

ADAPT I LP ("tfBILL") provides non-U.S. investors on-chain access to short-term U.S. Treasury Bill yields.

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Real-World Yield

Access U.S. Treasury Bills through ownership of interests in an actively-managed fund, safeguarded by a regulated prime broker, with on-demand liquidity.

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Simple, On-Chain Access

Seamlessly gain access to U.S. Treasury Bill yields without the constraints of U.S. trading hours.

Strategic Unlock

Leverage the effective federal funds rate to amplify operational runway with minimal disruption and a simple process.

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Full transparency into flow of funds and real time on-chain monitoring. Assets sit in cold storage or in a FINRA-regulated broker-dealer account.